The Game Changer Program


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Is your athlete a game changer

Is she the one her coaches and teammates count on to deliver when the game is on the line?

Does her game thrive under pressure?

Can she bounce back quickly from the most disappointing mistakes and adversity?

John Kelly talks about The Game Changer Program

Is she the one the college or travel coaches put at the top of their recruiting list?

If your answers to any of these questions aren't "absolutely" then read on.

What can your athlete do to really set herself apart from the competition and be the game changer you both want her to be on game day?

We know the game is 90% mental. Her success and softball future will be defined by her performance in key at bats, key plays in the field, key pitches, in key games. The cause for her inconsistent performances can be found between her ears

Physical training alone is simply not enough to erase the mental performance killers that are sabotaging her game.

She needs proper mental performance training to make her the best she can be. It's said that knowledge is power. That statement is absolutely true when applied to sports.

The Game Changer Program will teach your athlete and give her the tools to maximize her game, to reach her fullest athletic potential on game day while playing the game with more joy and passion than ever before!

So how much do you invest in your athlete's mental game?

Don't worry...there is still time. Give her the gift that will be a difference maker and truly change her game forever: The Game Changer Program!

The Game Changer Program: A Mental Skills Blueprint to Make Her the Best She Can Be has been designed as a multi-media, mutli-dimensional toolkit to accelerate you and your athlete's understanding of how her mental skills mastery will determine her fastpitch softball fate. This cutting edge program is the first of its kind in the world of fastpitch as John Kelly covers in great detail each of the 21 Mental Performance Killers and more with practical steps to both identify and master these mental performance killers. This is a dynamite MUST HAVE blueprint to insure your athlete's success!  

**All components to this program are in a down-loadable digital mp3 or pdf format 
and will not be mailed.

The Game Changer Program includes:
  • How She Thinks is How She Plays, a 175 page eBook masterpiece where John Kelly lays out the whole enchilada of the Winner's Edge Softball principles to make her the best she can be (a pdf digital download only)$9.97 value                
  • The Secret Weapon Audio Collection 1, 15 cutting edge mental skills down-loadable mp3 audio sessions recorded by John Kelly covering the most effective strategies, tools and tips to recognize then master the 21 Mental Performance Killers that sabotage your athlete's success (over 3 1/2 hours of mental skills audio strategies!) $28.97 value
  • Fear & Anxiety: The Ultimate Performance Killers
  • The Secret Weapon: How She Thinks is How She Plays
  • Managing Expectations: The Source of Most Failure
  • Assessing Motivation and Desire: How Bad Does She Want It?
  • Building Rock Solid Confidence
  • Present Moment Awareness & Building a Laser Focus
  • The Parent's Role in Her Success
  • Focusing on the Results is a Recipe for Disaster
  • Why Physical Training is Not Enough to Make her Great
  • Making Adjustments: The Key to Sustained Success
  • Learning to Trust Herself to be Her Best
  • Wanting Her Success Too Much...Ouch!
  • The Dark Side: Catastrophizing
  • Embracing Pressure with Poise
  • The Critical Importance of Having a Plan
  • 8 Bonus Audio Lessons- including a must listen How to Visualize for Success. (nearly 2 hours of mental skills audio strategies!)  $19.97 value
  • The Power of Belief
  • Filling Her Emotional Tank
  • The Comfort Zone Trap
  • Become a Student of the Game
  • Separate the Player from the Performance
  • The Impact of Controllables
  • How Essential Her Coach is to Her Success
  • Honoring the Game
  • Bonus Audio # 1: Visualize Her Way to Greatness! These are the same mental imagery secrets used by elite Olympic and professional athletes. Learn exact how your athlete can relax her body and program her mind for success, every game (22 minutes). $9.97 value
  • Bonus Audio #2: The Scholarship Game...What You Must Know! If you athlete aspires to play ball in college and you are hoping to win the softball scholarship lottery you must listen to this special recruiting audio, where John shares his valuable insights, plus what tips several top college softball coaches have shared with John as to what moves a prospect to the top of the list and what gets her crossed off the list! (29 minutes)  $priceless!
  • Personalized Sports Performance Profile: A great tool and exercise to complete with your athlete that will identify what specific mental skills areas she needs help with as well as be able to accurately assess her motivations and goals for playing the game.  $19.97 value
  • FREE 30 Minute Private Mental Skills Coaching Session with John Kelly (via phone or Skype). Pick John's brain and identify what Mental Performance Killers may be sabotaging your athlete's success and keeping her from being the best she can be!  $35.00 value

That's over $100.00 of bonus products (including over 6 hours of mental skills audio strategies) you get with The Game Changer Program all for just $29.97. For less than the cost of a single hitting lesson you can give your athlete the winner's edge. You have little to risk and a whole lot to gain.
Invest in your athlete's future today, give her The Game Changer!

**This is a digital product only. All components of the product are download-able

and will not be mailed.

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